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With improved durability and more powerful scanning capability than previous models, the Voyager XP 1470g scanner is the perfect option for workflows that include 1D and 2D barcode reading and that require a more robust and reliable solution. .

The Voyager XP 1470g scanner combines longer life and better scanning capability at the same competitive price as its predecessor.
Designed to withstand 30 drops of 1.8m. and 1,000 drops from 0.5m, the Voyager XP 1470g scanner is designed for busy stores offering scan quality with significantly better accuracy than comparable solutions.

A longer Bluetooth® range than competing devices for greater operational flexibility for lightening queues or for satellite POS stations in peak seasonal periods (applies to the Voyager XP 1472g wireless scanner).






Fast and accurate scanning : Extremely precise and fast scans even of damaged and poor quality barcodes. An extended depth of field scans to the bottom of the cart, saving time and flexing the back.

A good read every time: Improved performance in barcode shops scan every day: commodity price tags, as well as digital coupons, codes and wallets on customers' smartphones.

Top-of-the-range durability: Designed for 30 drops at 1.8 m (6 feet) and 1,000 tumbles at 0.5 m (1.6 feet), Voyager XP scanners are designed to withstand busy store clicks, reducing the risk of errors and operational slowdowns and avoiding the hidden cost of the guarantee.

Integrated analysis : Honeywell Operational Intelligence software offers on-demand scanning insights, enabling higher employee productivity and throughput.

Easy software updates : Honeywell Scanner Management Utility (SMU) creates a holistic solution that automates the way you distribute and update scanners in your environment.


VOYAGER 1400G.jpg


The Honeywell Voyager® 1400g 2D barcode reader, the best in its class, is capable of reading any type of 2D barcode, including mobile and poor quality ones.

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2D bar coding is becoming the new standard in numerous industries. Not only can 2D codes contain more data, they are also increasingly required by regulations and supplier requirements.

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