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The Hyperion 1300g linear imaging barcode reader has been designed to offer exceptional performance, versatility and durability.

Fast and intuitive reader to use, it also eliminates the need to purchase special readers, 'thanks to its ability to read barcodes ranging from 13 mil (from 45.7 cm distance) to high density 3 mil bar codes .

With no moving parts, the Hyperion 1300g reader is one of the most robust generic readers available on the market - to the point of being able to drive nails in it!


If you want exceptional levels of durability and fast scan performance in a generic portable linear reader, Hyperion 1300g is the right choice.






Quick scan with a portable device: Faster processing speed with quick scan of standard 1D and GS1 DataBar ™ symbols.


High Versatility : Reading 13 mil barcodes from a distance of 45.7 cm and reading high density tiny codes up to 3 mil.


Superior reliability: Guarantees greater availability and a reduction in service costs thanks to a reliable design without moving parts. It is also equipped with protections resistant to any type of impact.


Comfortable and ergonomic design: Ensures operator comfort and productivity thanks to the gun shape optimized for a large number of manual scans.


Automatic interface detection: Support for all popular interfaces in a single device, which replaces the lengthy process of programming barcode scanning.


Accessories : Availability of a wide range of supports and interface cables.


GRANIT 1280i.jpg


The TE200 series offers customers worldwide a competitive, durable, versatile and easy-to-use desktop printer. There are 4 models available.

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The TDP244 offers at the same time reliability, durability and convenience, with a resolution of 203 dpi and a print speed of 108mm per second.

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