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Teklynx International is one of the world’s leading developers of barcode labeling software solutions, distributed in Italy by Eurocoding.

An industry leader whose strength is the quality of the products offered and above all the uninterrupted work to improve and update them, ensuring compatibility, optimization of printer performance and high operation.

So here are two big news announced:

1. The availability of Teklynx products now compatible with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022, specifically software:

  • LABEL MATRIX for simple labeling needs

  • LABELVIEW for mid-level labelling requirements

  • CODESOFT for complex labelling requirements

  • SENTINEL for the automation of label printing

  • LABEL ARCHIVE for label control and traceability

2. The release of the new price list dedicated to Codesoft, Sentinel, Print Module and Label Matrix products, available and in effect from 01/11/2022.


If you have not yet used the TEKLYNX software and want information you can contact the Eurocoding team who will be able to offer you the best technical/commercial support.

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