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Also this year Seagull Scientific, a landmark partner of Eurocoding and global leader and pioneer in label, barcode, document and RFID tag software, releases BarTender Cloud™, the next-generation SaaS labeling solution that allows you to create, manage and print labels anytime, anywhere, without the need for additional infrastructure and IT resources.

In practice, the expertise and reliability of BarTender, the best software for Windows for barcode label printing for over 30 years, continues to be available in the cloud version.

An innovation that has revolutionized the labeling market (now oriented to follow the path of Seagull Scientific and move to the cloud) and offers great advantages in terms of efficiency, convenience and even cost-effectiveness.

Think about the fact that you can print anywhere, anytime (including your mobile devices) and do it all in a simple way!

In fact, printer driver management is not required to connect. The potential is respectable: you can automatically print from any printer along with high-performance printing optimized for nearly 8,000 printers, supporting printing and label management at multiple printing stations of distributed internal or external vendors, without requiring on-premise IT hardware/software and with the need for a limited number of IT resources.


The cloud version of BarTender has the same reliable performance that made this software the first choice of more than 100,000 companies around the world in every industry, starting with the simplicity of creating the design to quickly and easily design any label template: using from the platform what is in fact the only cloud-based label designer (no requirement to install any software), simply choose from a rich library of templates and upload your label with a custom design.

To support, there is a built-in Template Assistant that with simple guided steps connects label data without the need for programming.

Another interesting feature is the BarTender REST API, which provides web-based access to the actions supported by the BarTender integration platform along with document management, printing, and security features.

However, BarTenderCloud not only simplifies label printing, it also works in terms of cost-effectiveness: without any local IT software/hardware to install, maintain or manage, IT capital expenditures are eliminated and overall IT operating costs and investments are reduced.

And also, pay for what you print when you need it!

The ideal target of this solution is in particular companies (especially small and medium-sized) operating in the manufacturing, warehouse, retail sectors.

BarTender Cloud is present in the new BarTender2024 price list, through the choice of two pricing plans:

• Plan Essentials

To quickly connect to label data and print up to 10,000 labels per year.

• Plan Automation

For printing automation by integrating with business applications for up to 10,000 printed labels per year.

The new BarTender 2024 price list is available in the reserved area of the Eurocoding site.


For more information, however, the Eurocoding technical/commercial team is always available: - tel. +39 0331 777721
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