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BarTender is one of the most famous and used software for the world of labeling, a product of excellence of the American company Seagull Scientific.

One of the partners that enable Eurocoding to be a solid and valuable benchmark in the label printer, plastic card, software and consumables industry, for all those retailers looking for expertise, reliability and service.

BarTender allows you not only to create labels quickly and intuitively, but also to automate the process of printing, printing from databases, managing, controlling and securing the entire printing process, even by companies that have different locations around the world. Over the years, software has always adapted to market needs and has always been attentive and timely in the study and development of innovative solutions.

Being up to date and up to date with BarTender is the best way to keep up with the times but above all to have the guarantee of maintaining the labeling processes operating at maximum efficiency.

And now updating is even more convenient: a promotion has been launched that offers a great way to get an upgrade to the old version of BarTender, with savings on the purchase of new software licenses!

The update gives you access to BarTender's service and technical support, so that:

  • Take advantage of the new and improved features of BarTender, with high performance and updated security process

  • Network printers when needed

  • Access technical support via phone, email or chat

The promotion is ideal for:

  1. Who uses an earlier and unsupported version of BarTender (prior to BarTender 2016). Who uses BarTender 2016, a version without service and technical support coverage.

You can order the new version update part numbers for your printer applications and licenses.

Upgrade part discounts for each version are 50% on new licenses without assistance.

The promotion involves purchasing one or more years of service and support with the purchase of the upgrade.

So if you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, contact the Eurocoding team as soon as possible (+39 0331 777721 Providing the PKC (product key code) so that the quote for the selected update can be presented to you.


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