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BarTender2022: from April 30th be on the safe side!

Eurocoding announces that from 30 April 2023 Seagull Scientific will cease software support for BarTender 2016.

This means that if you want to continue working with labeling operations without risk of security issues and regulatory non-compliance, you will need to upgrade to BarTender 2022.

In addition to ensuring the secure and efficient integrity of your labeling operations, BarTender 2022 offers powerful new features:

- Regular security updates: A revamped print portal enables more detailed user permissions and extended, in-depth administrator controls, providing configurable security options, so teams, partners, and vendors around the world have immediate access to the approved label library;

- Ability to add new printers: new flexible printer licenses allow you to add any number of printers;

- Browser printing via the BarTender Print Portal: A consistent, modern and responsive user interface for fast performance and reduced training costs, with secure centralized management and access to label templates;

- New Workflow Designer, to easily create label approval workflows;

-New database connectors: Dynamic and extended support for over 20 databases to easily connect to business data and improve data entry and integration by print operators.


In addition to these benefits, there is also compatibility with Seagull Scientific’s other novelty, the BarTender Mobile App.

The new BarTender Mobile App was built for Android devices (from Android 11 onwards) and Apple, which allows you to print labels, tags and documents on any printer with IP and Bluetooth connection, directly using existing network printers, without the need for drivers.

Definitely a tool that eliminates wasted time and can reduce unnecessary steps and costs, thus achieving cost efficiency but also accuracy of label printing directly on site.

App BarTender is downloadable (from Google Play or Apple App Stores) for FREE, but only works with BarTender 2022!

Eurocoding's invitation is therefore to move to the BarTender 2022 version, thus remaining constantly updated and working in safety and full efficiency thanks to the innovative solutions present. In addition, it will be possible to upgrade your old license with ongoing promotions that allow you to have additional and interesting opportunities:

  • With an active maintenance and service contract (MSA), customers with the 2016 edition can even upgrade to the 2022 version free of charge.

  • For customers who need to stay in the 2016 version (valid only for Automation and Enterprise) and are interested in having active maintenance for 1 or up to 2 years, it will be possible to make a quote on request.

  • Finally, customers who want to upgrade the 2016 version to 2022 but do not have the MSA active, can instead take advantage of a promotion that involves updating the version at controlled prices if they purchase 3 years of MSA.


On the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding website you will find detailed information on the latest version of the BarTender software and the opportunity to download the 2023 price list, which is updated semi-annually (a first version from January to June, the second, soon, from July to December).

BarTender's 2023 price list has been designed and set up with a new graphic design, so that it is more readable to the user: It is in fact divided into chapters, with the presence of the logos of the various versions and tables that show the data divided and highlighted by color in order to guide reading and facilitate understanding.

The technical-commercial team of Eurocoding is then as always available for both technical and commercial advice, by email to, or by phone at +39 0331 777721

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