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How to upload a logo on the TSC printer screen

All TSC industrial printers from the MB240T serie up to the 8-inch MT series are equipped with a large color touch screen.

The large LCD screen and the intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the TSC AutoID printers are a useful tool for performing multiple actions, including: checking system information, managing print parameters, auto-calibration of the media , administration of security levels. They also allow the operator to see error messages followed by graphic and written instructions for their resolution.

The utility, however, does not stop there. Have you ever thought about advertising yourself through the LCD screen of a printer?

With TSC this is possible. In fact, you can upload your company logo and your contacts on the screen every time you sell a printer, so that your customer always has your references immediately available when using the printer.

Interesting? Watch the video for a practical demonstration!


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