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Eurocoding, distributor of Evolis identification solutions, advises users of the French giant's badge and plastic card printers to use the wide range of original Evolis plastic cards and high-quality printing tapes.

Evolis consumables are able to meet every need, as they are tested to ensure optimal print quality and long life, reducing replacement costs and maximising productivity. But beyond that, they ensure the proper functioning of the printers, preserving them from the risk of damage.

The use of third-party consumables (tapes and papers) , in addition to negatively affecting the quality and reliability of the printing work, can even jeopardise the operation of the printer itself, and even invalidate the manufacturer's warranty:

The warranty does not cover material damage or quality problems caused by the use of consumables not approved by Evolis.

A help to recognise the originality of Evolis products and be sure of what you are using comes from the Evolis High Trust® label:

Evolis has in fact updated its offer by launching on the market a new range of consumables, Evolis High Trust®. Evolis High Trust® consumables are designed to work exclusively with Evolis printers. Tested and approved by Evolis R&D and Quality, these consumables offer print quality and reliability, increasing the life of your printer's printhead.

Using consumables other than those with the Evolis High Trust brand, you risk having poor print quality and printer malfunctions.

To avoid deception and error, a label (with the two “O's” of the Evolis logo) was specially created, made with special materials, such as holographic stickers on the packaging, with different security elements: fine rainbow-coloured stripes, nano-text, a two-channel image... On top of that, a unique feature has been integrated: a floating image.

To verify the authenticity of the tape just pass it under a standard lamp and the “O” of the Evolis logo will appear. In this way the originality and certification of the Evolis consumables will be unmistakeable!

However, being equipped with original Evolis products is not enough, they must also be properly preserved:

For all Evolis materials (monochrome, colour and safety tapes, tags and cleaning kits), we recommend storage in dark and protected from dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. These products must not be placed in the vicinity of solvents and chemicals. Also for use you have to follow certain precautions: for example, for cards, do not touch the printable surface so as not to compromise the quality of print, do not use ruined papers, with folds or relief prints, or falls to the ground. And always remember, at each tape replacement, the general cleaning of the appliance. To be carried out, of course, with the original Evolis cleaning kit.

The range of original Evolis consumables is available from Eurocoding:

For any orders, you can contact the Eurocoding technical/commercial team directly at - tel. +39 0331 777721, who can also give you information on the INCREDIBLE PROMO-SCRAPPING TRADE IN / TRADE UP by EVOLIS:

If you buy a new plastic card printer and make it obsolete or non-functioning, taking advantage of the incentives offered, you can save up to -25% on the purchase of a new printer!


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