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It's official: the Datamax-O'Neil branded printers will be definitely out of production on 31/12/2021!

the transition from Datamax branded printers to Honeywell
The Datamax-O'Neil to Honeywell Transition has begun!
The well-known Datamax-O’Neil brand of thermal transfer printers will be replaced by the new range of Honeywell printers.

In fact, since 2014, Honeywell has acquired the Datamax brand, in order to modernize and make the fleet more efficient, bringing the resources and skills typical of a large company such as Honeywell, active in multiple business areas.

To facilitate the transition to our customers, we offer you a simple and clear table where you can find all the correspondences.:

Honeywell boasts a full range of printers, from desktop to high-end industrial, to mobile, with the addition of some special models such as:

PC43K that combines a desktop printer with a 7” Android tablet with integrated barcode reader.

PX940V the industrial printer with integrated 1D and 2D barcode verifier.

MP series the small and compact printers that can be mounted on mobile carts.

Eurocoding advises resellers to take immediate action to offer their customers the new, more performing, modern and technological Honeywell printers. Call us to find out more!

We also recommend scheduling your orders for high-rotation Datamax spare parts, such as printheads or platens, to speed up delivery times.

Click to learn more about Honeywell models

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