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The first critics of our work must be ourselves: how much is the work we do? Are we satisfied with the results? Or do we think you can always raise the level?

Eurocoding, a benchmark for the thermal transfer tape market, has always been committed to providing its customers with the best quality the market can offer, never stopping, but continuing to operate a selection of top-notch materials.

Like the new 'Resin' ribbon, the latest product of Eurocoding's 'LINEA CLASSICA' ribbon range, based on standard RESIN and created with a new quality compound, superior to the previous one in various aspects:

- Print with superior blackness

- Print speed of 6ips (152mm/s)

- Low-temperature printing

- Versatility, as it blends more easily with many more media than the previous tape

- Superior resistance to scratches, alcohol, gasoline and brake oil

- Can be used in multiple fields of application.

- Storage conditions are valid for up to 12 MONTHS with temperature 5-35°C and humidity 20-80%.

-The thickness of the tape is 8.0±0.3μm.

So think of a thermal transfer tape that allows a printing for labels as sharp and with intense colors as you have never seen before, with high resistance to abrasion, humidity, sunlight and some solvents, which makes it ideal for use for outdoor applications such as horticulture or in heavy industrial sectors such as digital-electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical, household chemicals, heat processing, metallurgy, woodworking, mechanical equipment.

But above all, “RESIN” will be able to satisfy the most demanding demands: those of those who, like you, want better and better results in their work!

We remind you that RESIN is part of Eurocoding's LINEA CLASSICA ribbon range, which presents 4 products in every type of material required on the market (wax, wax-resin, resin):

They are all patented, environmentally friendly, compliant with RoHS, REACH restrictions and have passed ISEGA tests.

All 'LINEA CLASSICA' ribbons are available in their exclusive RIBBOX packaging, which is specially created and can be requested with a selection of ribbons to present samples.

Eurocoding, in addition to the quality of the materials, therefore presents an innovative and impeccable service, thanks to a prepared technical / commercial team, able to offer careful advice with solutions to every requirement and that guarantees order closures and deliveries made as quickly as possible.


Contact our offices: tel. 0331 777721 -
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