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EDIKIO is the new EVOLIS line of professional plastic card printing solutions dedicated to merchants, hoteliers and restaurateurs.

With EDIKIO printers, shops, restaurants and hotels will be able to create price tags, buffet tags and all kinds of plastic tags that are fully customizable, aesthetically elegant and practical.

EDIKIO printers are ideal for any print volume, great quality and versatility, using certified PVC cards to stay in contact with food.

All this with a few clicks, in a simple and efficient way, as was able to see in fact the Radisson Blu in Nantes, a 4-star hotel with 142 rooms, which thanks to the use of Edikio solutions has solved the problem of the labeling of the breakfast buffet, made up to that point with plasticized paper labels, with serious defects:

- The support was ruining quickly

- Product labeling was incomplete

- The lack of consistency between the labels offered an unprofessional presentation

- The aesthetic result of the buffet did not reflect the image of a 4-star structure

- The daily makeover of the labels resulted in a considerable waste of time for the staff.

The Edikio Guest Flex solution with the paired software, designed specifically for the needs of the hotel industry and adopted by the Radisson Blue, immediately brought practical and aesthetic advantages:

- The intuitive use and features of the Edikio Guest software allow hotel staff to independently create and print plastic tags for the breakfast buffet

- Starting with a template, staff can create all the other tags in the buffet, saving considerable time compared to creating the previous paper labels

- The hotel can present on the plastic cards a personalized and coordinated layout that shows: the name of the product in French with its translation in English, pictograms, allergens, the hotel logo.

An effective result that in addition to responding perfectly to the needs of international customers, has also been appreciated by customers who have sober, clear and easy-to-read information available.

And as the appetite comes eating, given the success, the Radisson Blue hotel, in addition to breakfast, has also thought of using the Edikio Guest Flex printer to create lunch buffet tags!

In the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding website you can download the price list for the Edikio line of Evolis, including the price list of the Edikio Guest solution, created for the hotel sector.


Our technical/sales team is still available for more information for other Evolis product lines as well: tel. 0331/777721 - email:
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