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After the launch of Samantha Cristoforetti, here is the one of... BarTender 2022! Seagull Scientific, historical partner of Eurocoding, releases BarTender 2022, the latest and updated version of the leading Windows program for barcode label printing.

Of course, you don't want to make comparisons with the Italian astronaut's space feat, but the new and improved features brought to BarTender 2022, make it a software from another planet!

BarTender was born not only to create labels quickly and intuitively, but also to automate the printing process, print from databases, manage, control and secure the entire printing process, even by companies that have several locations around the world. Among the main novelties present in the 2022 version: the redesign and updating of Print Station (so as to allow users with a simple click to locate documents, select printers, enter data and print) and Print Portal (to print anywhere, at any time, on any operating system, from any device even via web browser), the new direct connection feature between label printing and the SAP HANA database, a demo for Digimarc Barcode technology. All this, with simplified and more intuitive user management.

In short, a product that will send you into orbit!

Download the trial version of BarTender 2022 for 30 days:

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