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D-Day is approaching: June 5 will mark the start of the internal technical Department of Eurocoding, a renewed and enhanced assistance service with large spaces, staff implemented by technical experts and the use of new technological tools, in order to offer a more valid support, with new channels and procedures to meet every request quickly and on time.

From 5 June, Eurocoding customers will therefore find several innovations, in particular for an even wider use of the technologies. In fact, the online presence of a dedicated web portal will be the most important innovation of the Eurocoding assistance service: a technological platform that will allow you to create tickets for the product delivered to the technical department and that can be followed step by step by the customers who will access it. The streamlined interface of the portal will offer easy use with a precise and fast ticket identification and you can access the portal in two ways: register as a user with login, or simply by connecting to the link that will be sent by email once the support ticket is opened, without the need for registration. In both modes it will be possible to follow every progress of the service, with the difference, however, that those who have registered will be able to see the 'historic' of the previous tickets.

In any case, it will always be possible to check the ticket progress in real time, from the opening to every minimum intervention made (with the date and time indicated), up to the forecast of the day of delivery: more than step by step, you can therefore talk about hand by hand, with the customer who will actually be accompanied by hand.

In the portal menu there is also a link that leads to a page that shows a case of the most frequent maintenance: in this case, there may be the same problem that you are facing and can be solved without the contribution of the Eurocoding technician but simply by following suggestions and relative instructions.

The new IT complement that Eurocoding makes available, offers other opportunities, very interesting for retailers: how to include the portal on your website. 'But that's not all: thanks to this platform, it is also possible to connect and dialogue with the technicians of the 'vendors' for insights, news and more complex problems.' The contribution of the technology is not limited to the portal: the assistance can also be managed remotely, directly from Eurocoding, via RDC (remote desktop connection,) or with video call, with real-time support: features that can be useful in case of new machine installations or demonstrations at companies.

In addition, channels and modes of communication will be increased: there will always be the “classic” telephone, which will in turn present the opportunity to make you talk directly with the technical staff available on site and valid alternatives such as WhatsApp.

More channels, more efficiency, more responses!

However, the enhancement of the technology will not exclude the human relationship: even with an open ticket and visualisation of the tracking, you can contact the staff of the internal technical department of Eurocoding for further information on the status of the work, thus having additional timeliness in the service.


We're waiting you!

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