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Eurocoding is a point of reference for those looking for a fast and reliable distributor in the AIDC (Auto-Identification & Data Capture) sector.

A goal achieved, thanks to the possibility of offering a wide range of solutions produced by leading brands, with prompt availability and speed of deliveries, able to satisfy every request, in Italy and abroad, exclusively through the resale network. In addition to this, Eurocoding is also able to offer commercial advice on the best products on the market and guarantees its dealers a valid and prompt technical assistance, with the availability of a recently renovated and strengthened internal technical department, and training, through the organization of technical preparation and updating courses.

But also allowing multiple payment choices to those who place orders, both for list purchases and promotions, is a form of service that facilitates the Customer.

With Eurocoding for immediate payment, transactions are allowed by any method: a real expanded payment, with membership, in the most diverse circuits and markets in the world, to credit cards, debit cards and payment methods widespread all over the world (from PayPal to any credit/debit card present in the electronic money circuit, international such as Visa or Mastercard, but also regional, EU and non-EU circuits) to numerous wallets (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay) or to innovative and flexible modes such as “Klarna”, which allows installment payments after purchases.

A selection covering around 50 forms of payment systems! All through transactions on portals and channels in absolute security, with 100% reliability.

For those who prefer to rely on bank transfer payments, for purchases where immediate payment is required, Eurocoding reminds and suggests the use of instant bank transfer: a tool now available in all banking institutions, which allows you to transfer a sum between banking institutions different credit (or even within the same bank) in a very short time, less than 1 minute from the execution of the transfer, therefore with the same peculiarity as a credit card.

It is right to say that with Eurocoding quality pays off. And with wide availability!

For more information, however, our administrative/commercial consultants are always available by email at, by phone at +39 0331 777721.
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