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EZ6250i, GoDEX thinks big!

GoDEX thinks about everyone's needs! With the EZ6250i printer, it offers the ability to best print even large labels!

Among its industrial barcode label printers, here is in fact the EZ6250i model which has a printing width of 6.61 inches, about 168 mm and therefore meets the need for printing large format labels. GoDEX EZ6250i, comes with its industrial guise. Its die-cast metal structure ensures the highest levels of robustness of all components, allowing you to work in harsh environments and ensuring a strong containment of maintenance costs with a prolonged duration over time. Another strong point is the versatility of printing: with GoDEX EZ6250i you can select the print quality according to your needs.

It is available in two models, with 200 or 300 dpi print resolution.

Included with the printer, the GoLabel software, which thanks to the interface designed to accompany the user step by step, allows you to design and create labels in a simple and immediate way. GoDEX EZ6250i supports printing even on special materials and is ideal for the most demanding applications, such as logistics, warehousing and manufacturing.


Once again GoDEX confirms itself as a manufacturer of a wide range of reliable and high-tech solutions, with the support of a partner like Eurocoding, which in addition to offering prompt stock availability for both this 6" printer and other products, also guarantees an attentive, effective and professional pre- and post-sales service.

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