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From DTM Print, a company that has been in charge of marketing Primera products in Europe since 2019 comes an important announcement:

the printer price list has been updated, which will be relieved of the 50 euro tariff, imposed last year to compensate for the increases in transport costs, caused by the international emergency situation (pandemic and war), which had weighed globally on all industrial and commercial sectors.

A scenario that fortunately has definitely improved, and as had been promised by DTM, that increase was only temporary. Without this “weight”, the high-quality products offered by DTM will be even more attractive and it is certainly a sign of professional seriousness and attention and respect for customers, which makes us understand how DTM and Primera are undisputed leaders in their field.

And it is no coincidence that Primera products marketed by DTM are distributed by Eurocoding, which has always been a historical partner of the two brands:

In the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site you can access the updated DTM price list:

The Eurocoding technical/commercial team is still available for further updates and advice by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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