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DTM Print, a company that has been marketing Primera products in Europe since 2019, announces the release of the new Inkjet Labels price list, available in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding website, DTM partner and historical distributor of Primera products.

DOWNLOAD THE PRICE LIST The price list contains all updates related to print materials, including both inkjet media (Ink cartridge) and LED (Dry toner).

The news doesn't end there! Let's start with the launch of a new product line, the DTM EcoTec, made up of very sustainable materials, DTM EcoTec InkJet Label Stock, in turn assorted in eco-friendly, recycled or natural labels:

- DTM EcoTec Poly Clear Gloss R90 (PCGR) labels: Made of 100% glossy clear polyethylene made from PET PCR (post-consumer recycled) material, a highly sustainable material that does not compromise at all the print quality, character or functionality offered by the traditional transparent polyester inkjet film. These labels are designed for applications that require water resistance with the highest levels of image quality. Also highly resistant to abrasion and tearing, as well as to semi-aggressive chemicals; - DTM EcoTec Grass Paper (GP) labels: designed with materials up to 50% natural grass fibers, which not only give the paper a unique and natural look, but also reduce the amount of process water needed in the production process. In addition, the sticker may come into direct contact with food in accordance with EU Regulation No 10/2011; - EcoTec Paper Matte Nature (MN) DTM labels: a great example of recycling, as they are made from 100% coating used label rolls. The material of these labels can be used with both inkjet and dry toner printing technology. Ideal for applications that print variable information along with color graphics; - finally, DTM EcoTec Hemp Paper (HP) labels: made from 100% hemp, highly sustainable as this plant grows very fast. In addition, hemp fibers are five times longer than wood pulp fibers, which also makes the material tear-resistant. Excellent inkjet printing quality combined with ink cost savings, thanks to a very low level of saturation. However, the introduction of the new DTM EcoTec line has caused the term "Eco" to be removed from materials already present, to avoid misunderstandings. Here, then, are new product names:


DTM Poly bianco opaco Eco (PWME) -> DTM Poly bianco opaco (PWM) DTM Poly Clear Gloss Eco (PCGE) -> DTM Poly Clear Gloss (PCG) DTM Vintage Paper Eco (VP) -> DTM Vintage Paper (VP) DTM Grass Paper Eco (GPE) -> DTM EcoTec Grass Paper (GP)

Another new feature is the 'online label configurator', a simple and intuitive tool that DTM Print makes available to its customers, so they can request quotes for custom size labels and be contacted as soon as possible!

Finally, a novelty that is a return: by popular demand, the DTM Cotton Fabric White (CFW) adhesive labels are available again, which for a certain period were not present in the offer of DTM products. The color will always be white and they are offered in standard rolls and also with custom labels.


Further information on the price list (downloadable from the reserved area of the Eurocoding site) and other DTM news can still be requested directly from Eurocoding by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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