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From DTM Print an invitation to personalization

Eurocoding, in the person of CEO Federico Giuranna, was invited to participate in recent days in a meeting organized by DTM Print in Wiesbaden, the city home of the leading international group in the field of solutions for printing color labels. The event, which lasted two days, saw a select audience of various European partners, who were guests at the Pentahotel in Wiesbaden.

The appointment was an opportunity for DTM Print to submit technical insights regarding some innovative products in its range (such as the Eddie color food printer and the Catalyst laser label marking system) but above all to illustrate to the partners present the new strategies to be brought to the market.

In particular, the DTM Print managers have indicated the goal of meeting every customer request, focusing on the creation of customized solutions, which will certainly be one of the key factors for achieving success (and sales) in the market of the future.


To highlight and clarify this concept, two interesting case studies were taken as an example, in which DTM Print products had been modified ad hoc according to the required requirement:

- a further downsizing of the LX500e's footprint,

Color label printer already famous for its small size, since it is just larger than a shoe box, to allow Bacardi a promotion at different airports, with the placement of special kiosks where the public could acquire the drinks with a custom color label printed at the time by LX500e: an action that then involved the occupation of limited spaces in which the staff had to move and the availability of a software dedicated to the creation of the required layout;

-The other case study instead concerns the Pénzmúzeum, the Hungarian Money Museum in Budapest, which sees the CX86e model as the protagonist,

The world's smallest LED printer based on OKI technology. In practice, visitors to the museum had the opportunity in their journey to collect points through interactive games in the museum and have them printed at the end on a coupon with the CX86e. And in addition to this, they could print banknotes... “personalized” with their own photo: this is thanks to the CX86e modified for the occasion with an LCD monitor of increased size compared to the standard (so as to make it easier to select the desired graphics) and the creation of a dedicated software to allow the design of the layout of the banknotes by the public.


Two successful examples with which DTM Print has emphasized what the evolution of the market will be: the Customer will still look at convenience and guaranteed assistance, but he will certainly also have an eye on those companies that will be able to offer him ad hoc solutions, listening to his needs. It can therefore be said that the product thus becomes the company and its ability to solve problems.


A “two days” therefore of particular interest, in which there was an overview of DTM Print products but also the vision of new scenarios related to marketing.

Definitely a great honor and an unmissable opportunity to have received the invitation and to have participated in this experience, also for the courtesy shown by the DTM Print staff, to whom the personal thanks of Federico Giuranna goes, in particular to:

Albion Bekolli -For his empathy and warm welcome!

Anke Both e Katrin Hoffman - For their professionalism and availability!

Roberto Arangio - For the professional relationship that has been established and for the beautiful friendship that has been created. His support and constant availability are a source of incredible help for us at Eurocoding!

Thanks to the whole DTM Print Team!

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