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Recently, Eurocoding was listed as a member of the ‘Loftware Partner Program’ and therefore an authorized partner, by Loftware NiceLabel, a leading company in label printing software development.

An important recognition that further highlights how the Gallarate company is a fast, reliable and competent distributor. Quality that has enabled over 20 years of business to qualify as a partner of the leading brands in the label, plastic card, software and consumables printers industry. On the other hand, if with Eurocoding, Loftware Nice Label knows how to relate to a solid and trusted partner, at the same time Eurocoding is aware that thanks to Loftware products Nicelabel is able to offer its network a platform of labeling solutions for companies of all sizes, able to meet every need, as was the case for a well-known global pharmaceutical company.



Imagine having to make over 10,000 changes a year to artworks made for packaging, while also observing strict global regulations and guidelines with rules of good practice (GxP).

For AstraZeneca, which appeared recently in the news, that was the case, and so it decided to partner with Loftware NiceLabel, so as to find a solution to update its business strategy regarding artwork management.

We needed a business labeling process that not only improved efficiency and reduced artwork delivery times, but also offered flexibility to support a strategy to achieve continuous process improvements in packaging graphics operations.

In fact, the situation had several complexities:

  • Each packaging component of the entire process (cardboard, leaflets, sheets and labels) had to comply with global regulations and good practice guidelines;

  • Over 1,000 users were involved in the artwork management process, so there was a need for AstraZeneca to adopt a process-based solution that could enable customization and facilitate the onboarding of new sites, partners and customers.

This is why the complete Loftware Smartflow solution has been chosen!

Smartflow Software, is a cloud-based platform, which offers the tools you need to quickly and efficiently manage packaging graphics.

Smartflow transforms graphics management, streamlining the packaging design process up to the shelf, thanks to the implementation of responsibility and structure.

The benefits of Smartflow have been evident:

1) More speed in the whole process.

One of AstraZeneca’s primary goals was to improve collaboration and effectiveness in the business, operations and IT departments. This required a solution that supported the rapid integration of new entities and end users. Smartflow’s secure and intuitive design has enabled AstraZeneca to quickly adopt the solution and incorporate it into everyday tasks.

2) Drive continuous improvement with artwork management.

Custom reports in AstraZeneca's previous system could not be modified to meet current needs. Therefore, Smartflow’s concept of ‘control tower approach’, which uses data to measure the efficiency and quality of processes across all operational sites and departments, has been of considerable impact.

3) Support accuracy and compliance.

Accuracy and regulatory compliance are critical to the successful production of artwork packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Smartflow supports AstraZeneca’s ability to meet global regulations with change monitoring, version control, and a centralized Digital Asset Library (DAL) that stores digital content for the multiple artwork associated with each product.

The result was an impressive 60% reduction in artwork production times, while increasing accuracy, transparency and efficiency


Our team is always available to inform you about all the solutions offered by Loftware, while in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site you can already download the updated price list:

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