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JUNE 5: Mark this date, because it will be a crucial day for Eurocoding... and also for its customers!

The Eurocoding technical assistance service will in fact be reorganised and enhanced, with a staff implemented by competent and trained technical experts, new technological tools to offer more valid support, new channels and procedures to satisfy every request with fast and punctual assistance!

A renewal that follows the philosophy of Eurocoding: to be not only a distributor, but a real customer partner, always working by his side!

And with the interesting news that will be introduced in the technical assistance service, 'being by side' will not be a way of saying ...

1. A HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL STAFF has been mentioned as available, who will work in a laboratory within the company, expanded and restructured. The products that customers will send in Eurocoding to be arranged, will be checked in a complete technical department then of every competence and equipment.

2. But THE ASSISTANCE CAN ALSO BE MANAGED REMOTELY, directly from Eurocoding, via RDC (remote desktop connection) or even with video call, with real-time support: features that can be useful in case of new machine installations or demonstrations at companies.

3. THE TECHNOLOGY WILL BE FURTHER DEVELOPED, starting from the communication channels, which will be increased: the classic phone, but also WhatsApp and above all an IT portal, which will be the great novelty and will allow you to create TICKET for the product delivered to the technical department and which can be followed step by step.

However, it will be above all the human factor that will make the Eurocoding service even more unique: timeliness of response, effective problem resolution and professionalism will continue to be key factors of our staff, commercial and technical, so as to continuously increase our service standards and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the introduction of these important innovations, 5 June will therefore be a real watershed for the business development of Eurocoding.

And we are sure that our efforts will be appreciated, because the improvement of this service will make Eurocoding grow, but also the companies that will make use of us: Together, as a partner, by your side!

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