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GoLabel II: A New Generation of Label Design Software

GoDEX improves its free label design software!

Here is in fact the new and very powerful GoLabel II, which includes, in addition to all the features that had made the previous version complete and appreciated, also important and surprising news.

Designing labels will always be easier!

Let's start with the new graphical interface, designed multilingual, with intuitive icons and which, in addition to presenting a modern design, guarantees an easy user experience!

The Barcode AI Wizard function, guides the user step-by-step, like a real tutorial, in the generation of barcodes.

Data entry is possible in multiple methods, to make it easier to create labels.

The new GoLabel II allows you to print the label in multiple resolutions depending on the user’s needs.

The GoLabel II functions related to printing operations are different and interesting: first of all, the software is able to locate all the printers on the same network, to better manage the print flow.

To make label production more efficient GoLabel II implements the “Print Only” function and preview function, which helps users view the layout before printing.

The use of . Net Framework 4.0, a comprehensive and consistent application build programming model that provides the user with an amazing viewing experience, secure, hassle-free communications, and modeling a wide variety of business processes.

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