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Honeywell's Granit Series handheld scanners are truly tough and have no fear of taking on the toughest missions!

They are designed with custom enclosures (with IP65 protection) that are resistant to shock, water and dust, thus providing superior durability and reliability, operating in harsh warehouse environments and heavy-duty production sites.

The technical features of the Granit series are also remarkable: extreme scanning performance is guaranteed, even with damaged and poor quality barcodes; in addition, there are highly innovative technologies such as the FlexRange, which offers the ideal and uncompromising combination between short-range and extended-range scanning, to read UPC at 1.5 meters and shelf labels 100 mil (2.54 mm) at 10 meters And Full Range, a depth of field that allows you to read barcodes up to a distance of 16.5 meters.

However, resistance and robustness remain the main peculiarities, and it is worth noting in this context the XP models, which are particularly distinguished by being the most resistant of the Granit series, with an IP67 degree of protection against dust and moisture and capable of operating even after impacts due to falls up to heights of 3 meters, such as loading docks, pallet trucks and pick-up trucks with a resistance that withstands 7,000 falls!

Virtually almost indestructible, with the maximum guarantee of reducing maintenance costs and increasing operation.

A Honeywell proposition in line with an industry-leading business philosophy that has always offered unprecedented precision and durability for:




In particular for this last point it is worth noting the commitment and expertise of Eurocoding, a long-time partner of Honeywell, with which there is not only a distribution relationship, with consulting and sales services, but also an assignment of HSP (Honeywell Service Provider): A title attributed to a few and selected companies, which certifies professionalism and skill, and serves to be authorized to provide professional repair and service services for Honeywell products (printers, readers and terminals), as well as to acquire, always and only through Honeywell, every type of spare part that is needed, accessible only to those who are HSP.

Moreover, Eurocoding has recently invested in the technical assistance service, reorganizing and strengthening its internal technical department, in order to offer even faster and on-time performance even as an HSP.

To take advantage of the HSP service, you do not need to have purchased the Honeywell printer or terminal you want to have repaired from Eurocoding: However, you are considered a Honeywell Customer and you can turn to Eurocoding for certified competence and professionalism, with regard to any type of repair, upgrade and advice.

For info contact us by email at or by phone at +39 0331 777721

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