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Let's talk about the LX3000e printer, and in particular the aforementioned CONTINUOUS INK SYSTEM.

First of all, we specify that the new LX3000e color label printer from Primera TechnologyTM, marketed by DTM and distributed in Italy by Eurocoding, is the first printer in the Primera Technology LX line equipped with a Continuous Ink System. Let's now see in detail the activation of the printer and operation of this innovative technology.

LX3000e is delivered without pre-installed ink tanks and printhead:

Will be included in an extra package, with dye (SKU 074445) or pigment (SKU 074446).

The ink tubes and ink tank are empty!

For installation, first proceed with the ink tanks, then with the printhead. The latter, moreover, has the great advantage, compared to the fixed printhead of other printers, of being replaceable by the user. The ink tanks are separated by cyan, magenta and yellow (with 60 ml each), while the printhead has 17 ml of space per ink compartment, pre-filled with 14 ml of ink and 3 ml of air.

Once the ink tanks are inserted on the side, the 10ml tank below fills directly with ink. After that, 50 ml of ink remained in the ink tank.

The Continuous Ink System uses atmospheric pressure and fluid mechanics properties to provide a pre-filled printhead with external ink tanks: it therefore excludes the use of pumps (with fewer components to keep in stock) to power the printhead, as it simply exploits the atmospheric pressure and fluid mechanics properties. When printing for the first time, the air "slips" through the ink tube into the printhead cartridge and stays there. This creates room for ink, because the air has led the way and is "slipped" further. In this way the ink in the tanks is soaked and goes to fill the tube (the concept is like drinking a drink with a straw).

Each tube contains approx. 1.5 ml of ink per color. This means that there are still 48.5 ml of ink left in the tank.

After 10% of the pre-filled ink (per color) has been printed from the printhead (requires about 100-200 prints), the ink, from the tanks, goes on to fill the tubes. The first prints are then with the 3x14 ml ink prefilled from the printhead cartridge. The fully installed ink system looks like this:

Installation operations are still very simple. The ink tanks and the printhead are easy to install, but also durable over time: the tanks and printhead are not replaced often as usual. And in addition to economic savings, they also make a small contribution to sustainability and the environment, with less packaging waste.


For more information and further technical details, the Eurocoding team is still always available, also with regard to retail business opportunities reserved for retailers.

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