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Eurocoding is pleased to announce the launch of a new product for inkjet color label printers.

DTM Print, an international OEM and supplier of special printing solutions, has introduced ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’, the new optional ink cartridge for the LX LX600e, LX610e Pro and LX910e series color label printers from the manufacturer Primera Technology, Inc.

‘CMY+Ulltra Black’ is a single trichrome ink cartridge, the result of the latest and innovative dye-based ink formula, offering intense black, crisp text and bright colors.

LX series printers can thus use cyan, magenta and yellow inks to produce process black, which has many advantages over the smoke black inks used by other label printers at: - better water resistance - compatibility with a wider range of special label holders - increased resistance to burrs.

‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ has unique features compared to standard CMY ink cartridges, making it an excellent choice for certain users:

Blacker black

Some customers need a ‘true’ black because of the design of their labels: ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ allows for one of the darkest and most uniform blacks you can get on desktop printers for inkjet color labels in this class.

Sharper black text

Most comparable color label printers print black text at 600 dpi: with ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ not only cyan, magenta and yellow are printed at 1200 dpi, but also the printer’s black text. And this peculiarity is especially noticeable on small texts, in which the superior print resolution with ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ is very noticeable.

Superior water resistance

‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ when used with tested and approved substrates, is the most water resistant ink ever offered by Primera. DTM Print offers a wide variety of label substrates under the ‘Genuine DTM Label Stock’ brand and will help users find the best material for their application.

The ‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ ink cartridge therefore offers the darkest and most consistent blacks ever: a perfect quality for label designs where very black is used.

‘CMY+ Ultra Black’ ink cartridges are available from Eurocoding, DTM and Primera’s historical partner: more information on product features and prices on the new updated DTM/Primera price list, which can be downloaded from the Reseller Reserved Area on the Eurocoding website.

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