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Primera's new LX3000e color label printer was immediately distinguished by the unique features of its innovative technology: the ink tank system "Big Ink" and the Continuous Ink System, The continuous ink feeding system.

Another peculiarity of the LX3000e is also its printhead:

• First of all, it offers the great advantage, as with all LX series printers, of being replaceable by the user, while on other printers the printhead remains fixed.

• The installation operations by the way are very simple, so much so that the printhead of the LX3000e (as well as the ink tanks) are not pre-installed at the time of delivery of the printer.

• In addition to being easy to install, the LX3000e printhead is also durable, as it does not need to be replaced often as is usually the case on other printers.

The printhead of the LX3000e, as far as its use and maintenance is concerned, still includes recommendations and steps to follow. Here are a couple of a certain relevance...

When and how many times can the LX3000e printhead cover be opened?

It is necessary to quote that every time the press head cartridge holder is opened, some air enters it. This results in a limit of openings (e.g. also to clean it manually), which is 8 times. After that the air entering the head is so much that there is no room for the ink and the head then needs to be replaced. As long as the system remains "autonomous" and properly functioning, the ink used in the printing, and which is therefore missing in the print head, is replaced, on air suction, by the waiting ink in the tubes. The ink enters the top of the printhead and goes down to the printhead nozzles. There is about 10 times more ink in the printhead cartridge than in the tubes. Therefore, the lid can be opened 8 times and the pipes will continue to be filled with ink from the tanks. If you open the lid more than 8 times, the ‘vacuum’ is no longer enough to drag the ink and fill the space. It is still possible to print, but if the print quality changes, it is recommended to replace the head. There is no counter that obliges you to replace the head: it is a decision that must be made based on the print quality you want to get. The fact that the printhead is replaceable by the user, allows, in a simple and effective way, to obtain a ‘new printer’ in terms of print quality. Additional benefits: - no cleaning of the printhead with large rinses is required to return to good quality prints - no need to replace the entire printer if the printhead shows a quality loss.


How long can you print with a printhead before you need to replace it?

The printhead is guaranteed for a minimum of 7 changes of cyan, magenta or yellow ink tanks. The PrintHub status monitor shows how often an ink tank has been replaced. To check the number of changes for each color, simply hover your mouse over the ink levels. As soon as an indicator indicates 8 or more, the printhead is out of warranty. You will see a message that the printhead warranty has expired and then suggest that you replace it.

The machine will not stop printing operations, it will still be possible to print, but if the print quality changes, we recommend replacing it. Obviously the decision must be made in consideration of the print quality you want to achieve.

It can also happen that manual cleaning of the printhead can bring it back ‘to life’. However, it should be borne in mind that the nozzles can still wear out over time.


For more information and further technical details, the Eurocoding team is still always available, also with regard to retail business opportunities reserved for retailers.

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