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Turnover at Eurocoding: Patrizia Rettore, historical figure and column of the Gallarate company, reaches the retirement milestone and takes over Carlo Molina, who collects the important legacy of accounting manager of Eurocoding, a role held to date, impeccably, by Patrizia.

Carlo Molina certainly has the ‘right numbers’ to be in Eurocoding: not only for his skills, since he is accounting manager, but also for qualities such as dedication, desire to grow and team spirit.

Skills that saw him immediately settle effortlessly into the Eurocoding team, as he himself confirms in his presentation interview.

Q. What is your role in Eurocoding?

A. I deal with accounting and consequently I make sure that the legal obligations for general accounting are fulfilled and that the taxes are paid on time and correctly. They are also a support figure for shipments and consequently for logistics.

Q. How would you describe your first experience in Eurocoding?

A. Definitely positive, I found a group of young and willing people who welcomed me with a lot of sympathy and availability. They made me feel right away at “home”!

Q. Tell us about the business team, how do you relate to your colleagues?

A. With my colleagues there is a daily confrontation, we support each other and always try to collaborate in order to make all business processes streamlined but precise. We always work with a view to improving ourselves and consequently giving a determined contribution to the company.

Q. What are the adjectives that distinguish your professional figure and which ones describe your daily work? A. Precision, seriousness, determination and education. My daily job I can call it addictive and varied but also a job where you never stop learning.

Q. Are the company’s mission and values in line with your personal values?

A. Absolutely yes, we are talking about a company that wants to grow and achieve more and more success in its target market. You always work to improve yourself and you all go in the same direction. Every month that closes and analyzes is a starting point for a new challenge. I am ambitious and so is the company!


And Patrizia greets us with a letter of hers:

And here I am retired! I look back, and I feel like I've entered a new dimension after a long journey. Now I will have to reorganize, dedicate myself with more time certainly to my family (I am also the grandmother of a granddaughter), but I will also be able to do it for other interests. Mine was a long working life: I started very young with 1 year in a fruit and vegetable company and then I continued for over 40 years in a textile company, where I held several tasks, in addition to that of administrative clerk: I had taken care of the order arrangement, but I had also worked on machinery as a worker. At work, on the other hand, you have to adapt and take every experience as an enrichment: it has always been my conviction.

But the move to Eurocoding was really a breakthrough!

I joined this company in October 2016: not many years, therefore, but they were intense. I can certainly say that it was the most stimulating work experience from a professional point of view, where I acquired skills that I had not found before. I still remember my first day, when I found myself in a multifaceted and modern reality: an impact that immediately fascinated me! Working in Coding opened up new horizons for me and gave me many stimuli: I was going from home to go to the company knowing that it would not be an ordinary day of work, but that I would be faced with always new and interesting situations. The work with time had already evolved in itself: at the beginning of my professional career, everything was certainly simpler, then gradually more rules and rules were added, but also new tools to learn to use, especially in a dynamic and constantly evolving company like Eurocoding, composed of young people and led by a young, but already mature manager, like Federico Giuranna, volcanic and full of enthusiasm when Not to mention when Mauro Del Sordo (CFO - Chief Financial Officer) arrived: with his analysis and research tools he made me discover a world! But in addition to the work aspect, I also found a really positive environment: from the beginning I was well received and the relationship with the staff, my colleagues, was really nice from every point of view, human and professional. I must say that I gave a lot, but I was really rewarded, as a professional and as a person.

For all this, the years spent in Eurocoding have really flown by and if I have one regret it is not having started working on it earlier to learn more things and find myself in a really welcoming environment.

Now I greet everyone, hoping to leave a good memory, for what I have done and given. I certainly leave a piece of my heart, because in Eurocoding I really felt the pleasure of working: thanks to the environment, the ambitions of the company and the wonderful relationship I had with everyone. And I also know that I leave my place in good hands, because I met and “accused” Carlo Molina, the person who will replace me, who immediately proved to be polite, professional, helpful, with a desire to grow: a real member of the Eurocoding team. Hello everyone and good work, Eurocoding!


Thank you Patrizia!

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