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Skills in financial systems and instruments, but also communication and leadership skills to motivate the staff: these are the main qualities held by the important figure of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who in Eurocoding is covered by Mauro Del Sordo, ready to field his qualities to bring the company to deal with an ever-changing market.

Q: What is your current role in Eurocoding? My role at Eurocoding is as Chief Financial Officer to whom I support the complementary activities of BI data analyst and Risk & BI managing systems modeling and deployment. These are all very delicate tasks that have the primary purpose of ensuring business continuity by guaranteeing financial stability and the prompt availability of the needs necessary for the sustenance of operational activities. The financial balance of the company is achieved mainly through an efficient financial control mechanism that has as its main objective the control of spending and the consistent allocation of resources; in short, as in a family we are constantly committed to controlling the way in which budgets are managed, ensuring that the goal is achieved, but also that the costs are consistent with the purpose. The complementary Business Intelligence and Risk management activities complement the provision of indispensable tools to promote business growth, safeguarding investments and maximizing the return on activities. We can summarize my activities in three simple goals, to protect the company, ensure its full operation and safeguard its results. Q: How would you describe your inclusion in the Eurocoding work environment? Definitely stimulating. Eurocoding is a company active in the distribution of professional products and solutions related to the world of self-identification. Distribution activity implies an efficient procurement process where the effectiveness of this mechanism, contrary to what you might think, is not closely linked only to the financial capabilities of the company. A fundamental component of this process is the ability to predict supply needs intelligently, this is essential to avoid disastrous stock breaks and offer our customers a vast catalog of products that are always available. For this reason, we study and develop proprietary predictive systems that can help us analyze and anticipate portfolio needs with the aim of always obtaining the best possible balance between resource allocation and quantity of available stock. Simply put, procurement is always perfectly sized on the operational activities of our rooms or on market demand, some product lines for example suffer from wasting or have relatively short life cycles as they belong to the information technology sector, which is experiencing continuous phases of innovation and technological improvement. Here at Eurocoding we make sure to always make the latest products and technologies available to our customers by covering us from the risk of obsolescence that would make parts of stock unusable with consequent impacts on our balance sheets. Q: Tell us about the company team, how do you relate to your colleagues? The environment is one of the strengths of our reality. From the beginning I was received in a decidedly positive way, but also with feelings of strong curiosity. My entry into Eurocoding coincided with a broader company transformation process that is still redesigning many business processes in order to expand activities and be able to offer all our current future customers even more services even faster. Ambitious results can only be achieved with the convinced support of the entire company team. From this point of view, there is a strong team sense in Eurocoding that focuses on the well-being of the group rather than the individual; this robust sense of belonging is manifested by an intense participation in operational and training activities in which the importance of one's contribution to the success of all is felt. In short, it becomes an excellent team game, and this awareness is the real reason for our affirmation. Customers perceive it and reward us for it. Q: What are the adjectives that distinguish your professional figure and which ones describe your daily work? Accuracy and reliability. The delicacy of my role requires me to always thoroughly verify every aspect on which analyses are mounted, without approximations. The papers that my office releases then become the intelligence information on which reasoning is hinged and more complex governance choices made. I can't afford to make mistakes, underestimating an element would be like for an F1 driver facing a corner at sustained speed by closing his eyes.

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