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New entry in the Eurocoding team: Michela Dascanio replaces Tiziana Busà in the role of "inside sale", whom we thank for the great work done in the company.

Michela Dascanio has almost 10 years of experience in the qualification of salesman and we are therefore sure that she will be able to fill her position in the best way: in full sharing with the Eurocoding work philosophy, which includes personal growth, teamwork, productivity, she has in fact immediately inserted herself well in our team and thanks to courtesy combined with professionalism and knowledge of market dynamics, she has already established a good relationship with her customer base, ready to find and propose the best solution to the required need

. Q: What is your current role in Eurocoding? My current role in Eurocoding is first of all to find new potential customers to expand the company portfolio that I will later have to manage, trying to meet their needs.

Q: What immediately struck you about Eurocoding?

The thing that immediately struck me in Eurocoding is the dynamism and the desire always and in any case to move forward, to never stop.

•Q: What's your philosophy in the workplace?

My philosophy in the workplace is: We are all important but none indispensable.

Let me explain better: as in a team sport (a personal example is a volleyball team, where I have been playing for 20 years now) no athlete, however phenomenal, will ever be able to win a game alone. Only when everyone does their own, at the highest possible level, can great results be achieved. As with the merits, the same goes for error. You win and lose together. Here, this is what I think: in a company team we are all important, as in a team everyone has their role to achieve the objectives set.

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