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Monday, June 5th: the big day has arrived! Today the 'Internal Technical Department' of Eurocoding becomes official and active: those who have already been followed by Eurocoding's technical assistance service will henceforth find it renewed and enhanced, with headquarters technical staff, innovative technological tools and new channels. All to offer even faster and more timely assistance!

It will be possible to follow the tracking of the ticket in real time, step by step: following the new computer portal, communicating directly with the technician (by phone or whatsapp), being assisted via RDC (remote desktop connection) or by video call.


How do I access the service, especially the new portal, which is the most relevant news?

Those who had a ticket opened on the previous platform, on Thursday, June 1, have already been made to “migrate” into the new system through a series of procedures:

1) a user account has been created on the new technical support portal. 2) received an invitation email to reset your password and validate your account. 3) received a notification from the new system regarding the creation of the ticket with new numerator.

So, from today, June 5, you will have to reply to the emails containing the reference to the new ticket number or through the customer interface on the portal, and when you enter the new portal you will find the tickets in progress that will have a different numerator than the current ones.

ATTENTION: any replies to emails with the old numerator, will not be received as they belong to the old system that will be decommissioned!

Those who have to register ex-novo, can do so as a user with login, or simply by connecting to the link that will be sent by email once the support ticket is opened, without the need for registration.

In both ways it will be possible to follow every progress of the service, with the difference, however, that those who have registered as a user will be able to see the 'historic' of the previous tickets. In any case, it will always be possible to check the ticket progress in real time, from the opening to each minimum intervention made (with the date and time indicated), up to the forecast of the day of delivery.



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June 5, 2023, a real turning point for Eurocoding and its customers: with the launch of the Internal Technical Department, a new service concept is inaugurated.

Let's give ourselves a 5 then, Because everything will change for the better!

For any need, the Eurocoding technical / commercial staff is always available to offer quality support and timely solutions to our customers by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721.

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