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Eurocoding presents the new price list of the BarTender software, valid from January 1 to June 30, 2022, released by Seagull Scientific.

Seagull Scientific is a historic partner of Eurocoding, which has made it a benchmark in the labeling software industry.

BarTender is the flagship product: the leading Windows program for printing labels with barcodes, it allows you not only to create labels quickly and intuitively, but also to automate the printing process, print from databases, manage, control and secure the entire printing process, even by companies that have several locations located around the world. In addition to the new price list, the official support documentation provided by Seagull and Eurocoding is also available in our Reserved Area, which includes: • The product data sheet, • The related FAQs • And the main novelties of the 2022 edition, such as the redesign and updating of Print Station and Print Portal, the new SAP HANA database connection feature and a demo for Digimarc Barcode.P technology

In this way, in addition to getting a preview of the new and improved features of the software, you will have a real working tool for the management and marketing of the product.

For any information or request contact us at

or by phone +39 0331 777721

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