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Eurocoding announces the new DTM PRINT price list, which will take effect from next April 1st!

The 2023 price list offers an overview of the entire DTM PRINT product range: colour label printers with inkjet and LED technology models, special printers such as the only and innovative EDDIE food printer, semi-automatic label applicators for cylindrical and conical containers such as bottles, cans, jars and tubes of various kinds.

In addition to updating prices and ordering methods, the new features of the price list are different and significant:

- the LX500e printer model will only be available for purchase with LX500ed cutter configuration included, and will no longer be present in the basic version (without cutter);

- The introduction of new, both water-based and pigmented, high-capacity (Extra High-Yield) cartridges, which ensure a high yield;

- new supports dedicated to the EDDIE food printer: it will be possible, thanks to new trays, to accommodate products with a smaller diameter than the current standard 89mm, thus bringing further opportunities to an already revolutionary product;

-Presentation of AP-CODE, the brand new batch and date coding module for label applicators, capable of printing directly on containers and labels. A tool designed to work seamlessly with the AP360e and AP362e label applicators, new and old units.

With the release of the new price list, it will then be possible to pre-order the AP CODE, which will further enhance the functionality of the DTM applicator range.

The DTM 2023 price list can be downloaded from the reserved area of the Eurocoding website!

Further information on the price list and the entire range of DTM products can still be requested directly from Eurocoding by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721

We will be able to meet every need, thanks to the expertise gained in about 20 years of collaboration with DTM Print, which has allowed it to obtain the qualification of Gold Partner.

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