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New GoDEX DT200

The small in size, the powerful in function!

The DT200 serie's ingenious design brings several functions into one compact direct thermal platform. The models can be simply divided into four sub-series:

The DT200i series offers a 2.4-inch color display for ease of use. The DT200L series supports linerless media printing. If you would like to print on linerless media and also need a display, the DT200iL series is your best choice. No matter which series, it support 203dpi or 300dpi resolution. A full line of optional accessories is available. All your needs can be met with the DT series.

Download Manual and Datasheet:

Specially Designed Mechanism

The DT200 series is designed with a smaller printer footprint while keeping all necessary functions. With the meticulously design mechanism, it will easily become your first choice for a 2-inch desktop printer.

Multiple interfaces

The DT200 series is equipped with a 32-bit RISC CPU along with a 128MB Flash memory and 32 MB SDRAM memory for all your light to medium duty direct thermal printing applications.

The DT200 series comes standard with three interfaces:

  • USB 2.0 (B-Type)

  • RS-232 (DB-9)

  • Ethernet port (RJ-45)

to satisfy most connection requirements.


User Friendly Operation

The DT200 series has been designed with many user-friendly features making the DT200 the easiest printer to operate in the industry.

Calibration button

With GoDEX's innovative calibration button, users can calibrate most types of media by simply pressing a button. This makes media loading or switching quick and easy.

Wall-mounted design

The DT200 series has a wall-mountable design making it the best choice for limited woking space.

Top cover release catch

To secure the printer's mechanism, the DT200 series implemented a release catch, preventing the sudden closure of the top cover.

Moveable reflective sensor

The DT200 series has a full range moveable reflective sensor, allowing the DT200 series to detect various media with ease.

DT200i/DT200iL series exclusive functions

DT200i/DT200iL serie are the direct thermal desktop printer with built-in 2.4-inch color LCD to facilitate stand-alone mode applications. The new clean and clear design icon based LCD makes operation easy and intuitive. Thanks to the USB host, the DT200i/DT200iL series can support scanner or keyboard to work without computer. Go further with this budget friendly solution.

Special non-sticky design

GoDEX upholds the environment protection concept and has been trying hard to lessen the environmental impact of daily life by launching the two-inch linerless barcode printer, the DT200L and DT200iL.

With the special non-sticky design, the DT200(i)L series can print out linerless media smoothly, withou jeopardize label's adhesivness. It is the beautiful balance between green and efficient.

Is not enough?

You know that all the GoDEX printer include th GoLabel? GoLabel is a total free super versatile printing software easy to use.

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