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Evolis, the world leader in the market of card printers, card customization software, signature tablets and identification accessories, opened 2024 with the release of the new price list, in which new designs are presented.

First of all, there is Agilia, the last retransfer offer launched at the end of 2023.

New features were then developed for the Badgy plastic instant card printer, the easy-to-use and cost-effective Evolis solution, which offers the ability to edit business cards by incorporating a QR code. With this new app, now there is no need to deliver the business card, just scan it!

Finally, Edikio, a new range of durable PLA/wood papers, has been launched, which is just the beginning of an industrial policy that will see the range of papers expanded with alternative materials to PVC.

A price list therefore that is also a 2024 program of Evolis, which will surely continue to satisfy and surprise its customers.

You can download the Evolis 2024 null list of the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site, a historical partner of Evolis for about 20 years. Or contact the Eurocoding technical/commercial team directly for more information on the entire Evolis offer: by phone at 0331 777721 - via email at

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