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The new 2022 Vip Color price list is now available for download in the Eurocoding Reserved Area!
Like the previous price lists prepared by Eurocoding, this one also comes with simple and intuitive graphics, which allows clear readability.

In a single document you can easily find:

- the price of each printer model complete with everything you need to start using the machine; the printing media, the external rewinder and label making software are excluded from the price and can be quoted on request;

-The price of print cartridges for each printer model and that of the most common spare parts.

For the VP-600 and VP-650 models, also for this year an external unwinder is included in the price that can accommodate coils with a diameter of 200 mm, replacing the previous 150 mm.

In addition to the price list, Eurocoding commercial consulting and technical assistance services are confirmed:

- a free presale consulting service, aimed at identifying the model that best suits the needs of customers;

- a fast and highly professional technical assistance service, to carry out print tests and copy cost calculation for color labels;

-A series of after-sales service packages, with fee or coin-operated payment, designed specifically for the most demanding retailers.

We therefore invite you to download the new official price list in the Eurocoding Reserved Area or to request advice for more specific information to your every need.

* The prices shown in the price list may change from June 2022

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