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Imagine a playing field, where the competition between different competitors is in perfect balance, until a new participant arrives, clearly superior, who disrupts the group and detaches it with extreme ease: this is “Agilia”!

The new retransfer card printer, designed and manufactured by Evolis, a world leader in direct card printing: an extraordinary and high-level product, with which Evolis intends to challenge the competition's retransfer card printers, without any hindrance, and aims to further increase its market share.

In fact, Agilia contains all the main features of a retransfer card printer:

High print quality at 600 dpi over the edge

Ability to print on many types of cards (PVC, composite PVC, PET, ABS, PC)

Lifetime warranty on printhead, thanks to its robustness and reliability.

And in addition to these features, it can meet additional needs: one- or two-sided customization, multiple encoding options, high-definition micro-text and QR code printing, 200-card power supply (with one-sided customization at the speed of 150 cards/hour), optimized user experience on Windows and Mac. All this pursuing the strategy that has always been undertaken by Evolis: to offer the best quality / functionality / price ratio.

Agilia will stand out clearly from the competition, to the point of becoming the new benchmark for the Retransfer market!

And a similar product can only be represented by the distributor who is also a reference point in the field of label printers, plastic papers, software and consumables: Eurocoding, Evolis' historic partner on the national territory. So, after Primacy 2, another Evolis model of high-tech printer launched at the beginning of the year and immediately imposed for its high performance, Eurocoding will take care of the distribution of the innovative Agilia!

Interested resellers will be able to contact the Eurocoding technical/commercial team ( - tel. +39 0331 777721), which will give comprehensive information about Agilia, as well as other Evolis printers and consumables.

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