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In Eurocoding’s Linea Classica ribbon range, WAXx represents the perfect mix of print quality and selectivity of supporting materials. WAXx tape is made from a superior blend of wax and resin and is ideal for printing on coated papers and synthetic labels such as tyvek and laminated materials.

The Wax/Resin Mix with a balanced taste! 🍹

It also features an innovative backcoating technology recipe that ensures better head protection, increasing its life cycle and ensuring printing by more than 3 million linear inches. This wax/resin ribbon also achieves an excellent level of resistance to ultraviolet rays, superior scratches and abrasions, and good protection against exposure to weathering such as rain or cold.

Sharp printing, practicality, ease of use are the ingredients that, shaken together, create a highly sophisticated successful product that will make your head spin thanks also to an excellent value for money, which no other tape is able to offer.

Ideal for outdoor applications, for food labels, for the wine sector, for tags in the textile industry, for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and laboratory labels.

Download the Eurocoding Classic Line price list:

Download PDF • 3.67MB

WAXx, like all Eurocoding Classic Line ribbons, is patented and environmentally friendly, as it complies with RoHS, REACH restrictions and has passed ISEGA tests. For more information or to order your ribbon, the Eurocoding sales team is always available to provide the usual and professional consulting support.

It can be requested together with the other qualities of the Classic Line range in the RIBBOX, the special and exclusive packaging of the Eurocoding ribbons.


Contact us to get your FREE Ribbox, With all 4 qualities of the classic line WAX, WAX+, WAXx and RESIN! The Eurocoding sales team is always available to provide the usual professional support.

CALL US 0331 777721

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