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For over 20 years of presence on the market, in all our commercial or technical actions, we have always aimed to show products and share new projects, but also to reaffirm our values and tell our story.

Quality and innovation are the engines that have moved our company, born young but already with a solid base of experience. And each of our projects is conceived on these prerogatives. Therefore, the work we have undertaken with the Ribbon range, Linea Classica, our flagship product, could not be exempt from all this:

A real 'ribbonlution' in terms of product, service and advice with which we at Eurocoding aspire to become the reference point for the thermal transfer tape market.

A project started a long time ago and developed with:

- Selection of materials

- Expansion of range proposals

- Enhanced service.

- and finally, a great novelty for the sector: the creation of the elegant and innovative "Ribbox", a packaging specially designed to contain and present the "Linea Classica" samples and explicitly dedicated to the resale channel.

A packaging that had a process of study and realization started over a year and developed evaluating all the components (graphics, material, dimensions, etc.), but that we can proudly say has achieved the objectives set.

“Ribbox” will certainly give further image prominence to a product of proven quality such as the “Linea Classic” Wax, Wax+, WaxX and Resin tapes, giving a functional and identity look but also providing a presentation and sales support to the resellers who will request it: the packaging is also “unbranded”, that is, it does not have the Euro

Graphically, the packaging is pleasing to the eye, thanks to a linear, modern and elegant design. Attention to aesthetics, but also to practicality and concreteness: on the surface of the box are in fact printed data and indications relating to the products contained and also shape, dimensions and materials have been studied to facilitate the logistical procedures and the placement of the samples-product, making the packaging light and comfortable for transport, with well-optimized footprint-space.

A tool that certainly has a visual impact but also a commercial function, to be ideal for presentations even in contexts such as fairs and open-house.

Above all, it is the demonstration of how Eurocoding is not limited to selling a product, but how it protects and strengthens the quality in every aspect, combining the commercial proposal with a real service. This is the real “ribbonluzione”: not just to be a distributor and limit yourself to supplying the requested products, but to be a full-fledged partner, providing the acquired competence to guide customers in the best choices.

With Eurocoding you certainly don't buy in a closed box: quality, competence, attention are part of our DNA.

And you can test what we say by requesting a sample (complete with “Ribbox” included) or by relying on our specialized team for technical advice or commercial information: by email to, or by phone at +39 0331 777721


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