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THE 2023 GoDEX NEWS: Price list update and GX4000i!

The new GoDEX price list, updated with the prices of the new GX4000i series is now available for download in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding website!

In the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site you can download the updated list of GoDEX products!

A price list, already available, covers a large part of the GoDEX product range, ... except for the line of readers and the options and spare parts of the new GX line, of which an additional dedicated price list will be released later!

The new ultra-high-speed industrial thermal printer with intuitive 5" touch screen, GX4000i, offer a variety of resolutions with fast print speeds, up to 8 IPS per second at 600 dpi:

  • Robustness that allows you to work in harsh environments.

  • High print speeds up to 8 IPS per second at 600 dpi.

  • Great ease of use thanks to the 5" LCD touchscreen with built-in video assistance and integrated video guidance assistance.

  • It also comes with 256MB of flash memory and 256MB of SDRAM and supports EZPL, GEPL, GZPL and PILL languages.



In addition to the Reserved Area of the site, you can also request information on GoDEX price lists and products by contacting the Eurocoding team, always available for both technical and commercial advice, by email to,

or by phone at +39 0331 777721

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