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Monday 5 June will be the 'D' day for Eurocoding, where 'D' stands for 'Internal Technical Department': the renewed assistance service will in fact be formalised, enhanced both as staff and as tools!

What happens if you have a ticket already open? THE MIGRATION!


1) Customers who have an open ticket with Eurocoding will be created a user account on the new technical support portal.

2) By Thursday, June 01, they will receive an email invitation to reset the password and validate the account.

3) Users with active tickets will receive a notification from the new system regarding the creation of the ticket with new numerator.

4) From 05 June morning they will have to reply to the email containing the reference to the new ticket number or through the customer interface on the portal.

5) Entering the new portal you will find the tickets in progress that will have a different numerator than the current ones.


Any replies to emails with the old numerator will not be received as they belong to the old system that will be decommissioned!


In short, everything will be simple, because we will assist you and accompany you by hand from the beginning, towards an innovative and high-level service: from June 5th with Eurocoding!

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