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From “manufacturer of plastic card printers” to “global provider of identification solutions” for people and goods: this is the goal that the Evolis group has set itself, determined to diversify to impose its leadership position even more on the market.

An orientation and a mission that start from the image, with the creation and adoption of a new logo and a new baseline: “Identify What Matters”, which follows “Much more than card printers” introduced in 2011 and which had already imprinted the change of strategic direction.

New logo, new mission and new product!

2011 was also the launch of Primacy, and after 10 years Evolis presents Primacy 2, as if to underline the epochal turning point. Primacy has always been considered the flagship product of the Evolis range, the best-selling printer for issuing personalized cards (from the simplest to the most protected) in the world thanks to the best quality / price / functionality ratio on the market.


Now with Primacy 2 the user will have a real customization system, which brings together multiple technologies and new functions into a single product, including:

Rewrite technology that allows you to print, erase and reprint the same paper up to 500 times and in seconds, 200-card feeder, • Colorimetric profile as close as possible to real colors, • UV effect, Double overlay layer, Scanner, Digital deletion for data protection, LCD panel with user guide via QR code

...And many other features and options never seen in a single card printer!

As far as it offers, a high-end printer, but cost-effective, simple to use, flexible and very fast: it prints up to 280 cards per hour only face and 170 cards per hour in color double-sided mode, with a resolution of 300 dpi and excellent quality edge-to-board printing. And if that’s not enough, by integrating a lamination module and several encoders, it can be upgraded in the field with both magnetic stripe, contact chip and RFID encoding modules and with the flip over module activation key to make it double-sided.

In addition, printhead protection has been optimized, to allow even longer life, also counting on a 3-year warranty and even opting for an additional extension!

High technology, new features, low cost:

Primacy 2, ultra fast, powerful and performing, is certainly the ideal solution to meet every need of today and tomorrow for printing and customizing plastic cards, in particular for:

- Identification cards - Employee cards - Access control cards - Technology cards (cards with chips, contactless...) - School cards.


Eurocoding, a quality partner.

Eurocoding has been operating in the AIDC sector for over 20 years, and has been a partner of Evolis since the beginning, distributing printers and consumables (plastic tapes and papers). A loyalty and professional service that have been recognized by Evolis, which have allowed Eurocoding to benefit from the latest news, as well as training programs on plastic card printing solutions. With this support from Evolis, Eurocoding is able to provide an excellent quality service to meet every need required in the printing and customization of plastic cards.

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