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Eurocoding announces important news from CAB, a well-known brand of high-quality label, desktop and industrial printers.

The new price list is in force since this April, which foresees a moderate increase on average of about 8% that will affect the SQUIX, MACH 4S and EOS series, structured as follows: - SQUIX catalog price + 130 EUR - MACH 4S catalog price + 110 EUR - EOS catalog price + 70 EUR

The price list is already available online in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site and our technical-commercial team is always available for further information and insights:


CAB then confirms continuity with the XC Q two-color printer series, which was introduced last year to replace the previous XC 4 and XC 6 models.

In addition to their two-color printing of a label in a single operation (thanks to the coordination of the two thermal transfer printheads), XC Q printers are able to:

• Meet the requirements of the GHS classification and marking system

• Work for large rolls of labels up to 300mm in diameter

• Provide a tape saver function on a printhead

Characteristics that have decreed its full success on the ground.


The new CAB cable labeling solution is also intended for success: the WICON wraparound applicator, ideal for cylindrical items with diameters from 2 to 16 mm, such as single wires, strands, cables, hoses, hoses or round bars.

An absolutely innovative tool that can also be activated by a foot switch, a data interface or an I/O interface, with precise operation: the label is printed and then taken from the applicator, while the diameter of the article is identified on the head of the case. In this way, the size of a label determines how many times it will be wrapped around the item.


Also for these products, as well as for the others in the CAB range, you can find detailed information in the Reserved Area of our site or by always contacting the Eurocoding technical-commercial team.

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