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Selling a product is not enough: we at Eurocoding go further! And we do it with the ribbon range, our flagship product. Our approach is certainly revolutionary, indeed 'RIBBONLUTIONARY'!

We do not just fulfill the order sent by the customer and we do not position ourselves only as a distributor that has availability of all the solutions:

We want to be a real intermediary with the manufacturing companies, providing expertise and experience, passion and vision!

We therefore offer our customers high quality and innovative products, but we also know how to guide them in the best choices to achieve ideal and most satisfactory results. A real complete service, with a background ranging from careful selection of products, to knowledge of components, analysis of fields of application, attention to attention to detail, with timeliness in deliveries and attention even in packaging.

Ours is a real philosophy, which highlights the degree of preparation we have and the type of advice we carry out daily through a ready and attentive service, which can be found, starting with the offer of our range: a wide variety of thermal transfer belts in different sizes of length and diameter, cataloged in every type of material available on the market: wax, enriched wax, wax/res

The highest quality expression of this offer is our Classic Line, which includes a selection of the best materials divided into 4 solutions:

All Eurocoding Linea Classica ribbons are also constantly tested to ensure the highest quality, with the related compliance certifications.

DISCOVER THE LINEA CLASSICA Added to this is the guarantee of a reliable service, with large stock in stock and robust and quality packaging for shipments.


Recently there was the introduction of the DNP line, another wide range of tapes for heat transfer printers in wax, wax/resin and resin, which can guarantee optimal variable printing results available on a wide range of substrates, also producing barcodes that can be scanned at any time and information of all kinds that can be read even in the most difficult circumstances.


The Eurocoding ribbon offer also sees other proposals, such as ribbons

Cuts (non-standard measures)

Colored (monochromaticribbons of various colors)

Near Edge (Ribbon for printers in Trasf. Thermal with Near Edge printhead): Products that are sure to meet additional printing needs.

In addition, particular attention is also paid to products dedicated to particular sectors, such as textiles, which see resin ribbons created specifically to meet the tightness of the print even in extremely critical situations, such as those for industrial washes.

Both the desire to offer the widest possible range and the care and constant dedication we place towards our ribbons, from the selection of the quality of materials to the choice of the most appropriate packaging, designed and explicitly dedicated to the resale channel including the elegant and innovative “Ribbox”, created specifically for the Linea Classica, contribute to strengthening the intention of Eurocoding to become the reference point

The specialized Eurocoding team is always available for technical advice and commercial information by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721

And remember:


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