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Eurocoding informs its customers that a new version of the TSC price list is available online in the reserved area of ​​our website:

An error has been found in the pricing of the new TSC MH261 series printers, that is 6 inch printers.

Don't worry, nothing to fear, The good news is that the prices remain unchanged compared to the TTP2610MT series. There will therefore be no increase in the list price of the new printers.

The prices and part numbers of the other printers in the price list will remain unchanged.

Contact us for the delivery dates of the new TSC industrial printers and for information on current stock.

We remind you that access to the Reserved Area of ​​the website is only possible for Eurocoding active customers on multiple product lines.

All other resellers can contact us by email at to request price lists and quotations.


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