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Eurocoding, a distributor of the world's leading brands in the field of label, plastic card, software and consumable printers, invites its customers to carefully consult the substantial changes in the latest VIP Color price list, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Memjet technology color label printers, ideal for a variety of applications: from high-class retail to labels for weathered goods and maritime environments.

In addition to the increases in some prices, first of all it should be noted that the VP600 and VP650 models will go to the 'end of life' while stocks last at the headquarters in Spain.

To replace them with the new VP500 and VP550 printers: The same technical features of the VP600 and 650 (fast printing and bright colors), but with a different structure and exterior appearance (more compact and smaller), these desktop printers will practically represent the base band of the VIP Color range and are ideal for small business.

New ones are added to these models: VP610 and VP660, Mid-range printers, also compact in size but with higher speed and better ink capacity than the VP500 and VP550. VP610 and VP660 are also compatible, for cartridges and heads, with the VP700 and VP750 printers, respectively, the industrial band of VIP Color and ideal for high performance, which remain available in price lists and at unchanged cost.


All VIP Color printers are sold complete, with 1 set of color cartridges + uncoiler + head

The warranty conditions from the price list also remain unchanged: for printers, the effective duration of the warranty is 12 months, from the date of installation (or 5 million inches printed, about 127 Km).

Following the installation, the retailer will have a start of 5 days to complete and submit the 'Warranty registration form' in order for the official 12-month warranty period to actually be activated.

The novelty on the warranty is given by a “Pre-Warranty” period of 12 months

Which, has the function of granting the reseller an adequate time window to sell and install the printer, send the official document and guarantee the actual coverage on the 12-month printer.

If the 12-month 'Pre-Warranty' period is exhausted or the 'Warranty registration form' is not sent within 5 days of the date of installation, the official warranty would still take effect.

The warranty is also provided for consumables and spare parts:

• In the case of cartridges, 12 months from the date of manufacture or 6 months from the date of dispatch;

• The printhead is guaranteed 6 months from the date of shipment;

• The warranty on spare parts instead is 90 days from installation or one year from shipment.

However, we invite customers to consult the official documents and always carry out routine maintenance of the machine following the official technical manuals.

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