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Eurocoding is pleased to announce the launch of a major PROMOTION: VIPcolor Technologies Europe, a leader in industrial-grade colour label printers and a historical partner of the Gallarate company, offers a special seasonal trade-in program UNTIL JUNE 30, 2023!

Till 30 June, customers in the EMEA who purchase a new VIPColor label printer to replace an old VIPColor label printer or any of the competing models (listed below) can take advantage of one of the following special offers:

Seeing the old printer trade-in with one of the newer modelsVIPColor VP600, VP650, VP700 o VP750

Receive a free printhead

Enjoy a 2-year product warranty (With basically 1 additional year compared to the standard)


Valid templates for the ‘Trade-in Label Printer’ program: - VIPColor >VP485, VP495, VP700, VP750 - Epson > TM3400, TM3500, TC7500/G - Primera > LX400, LX500, LX800, LX900, LX1000, LX2000, CX series

- Memjet OEMs > Colordyne CDT-1600 - Printing Innovation iCube Series - Rapid X1 - RTI Digital Vortex 851R, Vortex 850R - Speedstar 3000 - Trojanlabel TrojanOne, QL-240 - QuickLabel QL-800

Direct-transfer and heat-transfer printers can also be included in the program, as well as the proposal for other models for trade-in can be evaluated.

The technical-commercial team of Eurocoding is as always available for both technical and commercial advice, by email to or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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