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Management issues in heat transfer printing? From the Linea Classica, Eurocoding offers you WAX+, the ribbon composed predominantly of high-quality wax and enriched with a resin base, which gives it the versatility to print on a wide range of media, ensuring a crisp and perfectly covering print.

The results with WAX+ will be foaming!💧🧊

Its patented inking formula ensures excellent durability, ability to withstand scratches and abrasions, no static electricity, low energy and high-speed printing, and features features that ensure printing of over 3 million inches. For all these qualities that can make the print yield more toned, WAX+ is regarded by many OEMs, label manufacturers and VAR as the best product among enriched wax ribbons.

Ideal for different industries: WAX+ is in fact a fresh solution not only for shipping, packaging and warehouse, but also for label distribution and hospital packaging.

Main features:

• Vertically oriented barcode printing

• Excellent versatility

• Dissipation of static electricity

WAX+ is part of Eurocoding's Linea Classica ribbon range, which features 4 products in every type of material required on the market (wax, wax-resin, resin) and are available in their exclusive packaging (RIBBOX).

Download the Eurocoding Classic Line price list:

Download PDF • 3.67MB

All Linea Classica ribbons are patented, environmentally friendly, comply with RoHS, REACH restrictions and have passed ISEGA tests. For more information or to order your ribbon, the Eurocoding sales team is always available to provide the usual and professional consulting support.


Contact us to get your FREE Ribbox, With all 4 qualities of the classic line WAX, WAX+, WAXx and RESIN!

The Eurocoding sales team is always available to provide the usual professional support.


0331 777721

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