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Primera’s LX series, marketed by DTM Print and distributed in Italy by Eurocoding, stands out for models that feature reliability, print quality and versatility, as well as innovative features. Like the LX3000e, the ideal color label printer especially for users who print up to 10,000 pieces a day: launched on the market by DTM Print towards the end of 2021, it immediately stood out for its ink system, called "BIG INK" to differentiate it from other Primera models. In fact, even though the LX3000e uses the same reliable platform as the LX910e, its innovative tank is unique, as it ensures a long ink autonomy cycle, thanks to the 60ml capacity of each individual CMY color, as well as a printhead (with 42ml of ink),

for a total of 222 ml of inks!

What does Continuous Ink System mean and what is the magic behind it?

Another innovative element is the “Continuous Ink System”, it is a sealed system that uses atmospheric pressure and the properties of fluid mechanics to provide a printhead pre-filled by external ink tanks.

Simplified: It is comparable to the operation of a vacuum cleaner or the idea of drinking a drink with a straw.

The Continuous Ink System, a continuous ink supply system, is a technology that excludes the use of pumps (and therefore fewer components to keep in stock) to power the printhead, as it simply exploits atmospheric pressure and the properties of fluid mechanics. This increases the printing capacity with large amounts of ink in a relatively small inkjet head (same printhead size LX6x0e/LX910e).

The printhead also, a big advantage of all LX printers, is user replaceable over the fixed printhead of other printers.

Installation operations, among other things, are very simple, so much so that the ink tanks and printhead LX3000e are not pre-installed at the time of printer delivery. Easy to install, but also durable: tanks and printhead are not replaced as often as usual.

And in addition to economic savings, they also make a small contribution to sustainability and the environment, with less packaging waste.

Innovative technology, low printing costs, minimal maintenance, eco-sustainable: these are some of the main features of the LX3000e.

Some other benefits for LX3000e:

• No pump needed (less parts to keep in stock)

• Ink tubes are short, which makes the system unlikely to clog (as long as the printhead and ink tanks remain in the printer).

• Printhead is user replaceable (advantage of all LX printers)

Discover the technical features of the LX3000e:

For more information and further technical details, the Eurocoding team is always available, including for commercial sales opportunities reserved for retailers.

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