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We want quality for everyone, to meet every need, to broaden our field of action, to offer the best: in our 'clumpulation' we do not set limits.

This is why we have introduced the DNP thermal transfer tape line into the ribbon range, which are designed to ensure high-quality variable printing.

The DNP TTR line is available in 3 main groups:

- WAX DNP ribbon, which set quality standards for optimal scanning operations in logistics and retail.

- WAX-RESIN DNP ribbon, the combination of the characteristics of both, guarantee high performance on countless fronts both paper and synthetic film and are particularly ideal for in-line printing of packaging according to the required speed.

- RESIN DNP ribbon, which are characterised by their unparallelled durability in difficult circumstances, are particularly recommended high-tech products where there are extreme application conditions, for synthetic recepctor overprinting and special applications.

All these different tapes have been made to suit specific industrial sectors, applications and substrates, each with their own characteristics. But in common they all have the high quality, such that they are considered among the best thermal transfer tapes in the world.

A claim certified by laboratory tests and that can be ascertained directly by requiring a sampling of the DNP products present in our extensive stocks.

To the quality of the product is also added the quality of the Eurocoding service: impeccable, competent and supported by order closures and deliveries made with the greatest speed. A service that thanks to years of experience and countless applications in the most diverse sectors, is able to offer careful advice with solutions to every need.


For more information contact the Eurocoding technical-commercial team directly by email at

or by phone at +39 0331 777721

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