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Eurocoding recalls that in the Reserved Area of its site is still available the 2024 price list of the entire range of DTM Print products, international OEM and solution provider for printing systems, which since 2019 has been in charge of marketing Primera products in Europe, which has always been distributed by Eurocoding, a historical partner of the two brands.

The DTM Print proposal is widely varied: color label printers with inkjet and LED models, but also specialty printers (such as the only innovative EDDIE food printer) and semi-automatic label applicators for cylindrical and conical container shapes.

And the main innovations in the price list (in addition to the update of some prices, including a slight increase in the Flat rate for the repair of the AP550e applicator) concern Eddie, the innovative and almost only printer with edible ink, and the line of applicators, with the inclusion in the list of the new AP380e applicator.


All Eddie printers ordered and delivered from December 2023 are supplied with the DTM Manual Tray Boot Kit, which includes: a basic tray, a booklet with instructions on how to assemble the base tray and download the tray models, as well as an overview of all the manual and carousel trays available from DTM Print. It will therefore be even easier to print with Eddie photos, logos, text and images directly on cookies, macarons, cake decorations and other sweets, with all the desired colors and shapes and make every occasion and party sweeter, colorful and more imaginative!

The AP380e is the latest model in the AP series: a state-of-the-art label applicator, designed to simplify the semi-automatic labeling of cylindrical containers and many tapered containers (including bottles, cans, jars and tubes), offering faster speed and new features that make the labeling process faster, more accurate and more efficient.

This model also comes with a built-in liner rewinder and a button for easy manual use.


However, the AP-CODE, a batch and date encoding module designed to work perfectly with the AP360e and AP362e (old and new units) label applicators, officially withdrawn from the market, does not appear in the price list.

For more information, however, we invite you to consult the price list in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site.

To access the Reserved Area you need to register as a reseller: in addition to the DTM Print price list, you can consult other materials such as lists of other brands, but also catalogs, updates and drivers.

Our technical/commercial team is still available for further information and advice: tel. 0331/777721 – email:
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