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If with the PEX-2000 series for printing 6-inch TSC Printronix Auto ID had innovated the market, now with the introduction of the new version of the 4-inch PEX-2000 print engine, it definitely presents something unique!

The 4-inch PEX-2000 (which will replace the 1001 Series) is designed to meet market demand to automate labeling in different and complex applications with 4-inch wide labels, one of the most widely used formats in shipping, high-resolution marking, component labeling and electronics much more.

The new motor is equipped with RFID encoding capabilities, a patented tape saver and a print speed of 18 inches/sec combined with high precision (error of ±0.4 mm).

Great attention has been paid as always by TSC in the robustness: the structure is in fact entirely made of metal. The thermal print head is also durable, which guarantees long service life. In addition to this, good space optimization: The 4” PEX-2000 is 14% smaller than other traditional print engines, thus offering a maximization for workspace utilization.

Excellent compatibility too: it supports DB15 and DB25 interfaces and GPIO emulations.

The presence of software such as TSC Console and SOTI Connect also allows for easy remote management.

A product with high-tech features that confirms the mission of TSC Printronix Auto ID: to produce innovative thermal label printing solutions by listening to the needs of the market. Goal achieved to date thanks also to the collaboration of partners such as Eurocoding, for over 20 years official distributor of TSC Printronix Auto ID: a qualification that allows the company of Gallarate to be able to guarantee to have always available printers and TSC products in its warehouse.

For more information, contact the Eurocoding technical/commercial team, always ready and prepared: by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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